Doggie DIY: Flower Power Edition

The expression “flower power” was used to transform war protests into peacefully positive spectacles. Hippies embraced the idea by wearing flowers in their hair and giving away flowers to people. We like everything about that, so we’re making flowered neck ribbons. Here’s how:


Buy your supplies

Choose your flowers. We found some at the dollar store and some in craft stores. You only need a small cluster.


You can pick any color you want for the ribbon. We started with black but ended up using orange, and made a skinny bow and a bow from a wider ribbon.



Make your Bow

Tie a bow, adjusting it to the size you want. Lay it on a piece of paper and paint the surface with Mod Podge. Then, move the painted bow to a clean sheet of paper. 


Pour ultra fine glitter onto the bow, and pick up the glittered bow, shaking off the excess glitter and place it on a clean sheet of paper. 



If there are places missing glitter, paint some Mod Podge on the area and sprinkle it with glitter. Continue passing the bow back and forth like this until it’s completely covered with glitter. Let it dry completely.



Build your “Bouquet”

Cut the stems off of your flowers. Then, cut a piece of felt into an oblong shape, and lay out your flowers and bow on the felt to determine their placement.



Cover the felt with glue, either e-6000 or glue from a glue gun. Then place the flowers and bow onto the globs of glue. 


Insert the glue gun between the flowers and fill in with glue, to hold the pieces together.



Once it’s dry, cut away any felt that shows. If the back to the ribbon tails need glitter, paint the with Mod Podge and sprinkle them with glitter.


Attach the Bouquet to the Ribbon or Collar

Either pin the mini corsage to the ribbon or use e-6000 glue, and you’re done!  Wear it as a necklace over a shirt, or by itself. Tag us on Instagram @LolaandPooch so we can see your creation.



See you next time! Happy crafting.


Woofie and BeaR


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