Doggie DIY: Butterflies!

There we were, lounging on a lazy afternoon. Mom bursts into the room and says to us, “what do you think of butterflies?”  BeaR, being blonde, chortled as he blurted out, “butter can’t fly!!!” I immediately googled the concept. My eyes filled with worlds of wonder as I gazed upon the colorful fluttering flies! Of course, we had to turn them into fashion.



Here’s what you need:

    1. 1/4 yard of felt (or 2 felt squares sewn together)
    2. Feather Butterflies (Touch of Nature Butterflies)
    3. Mini wood butterflies
    4. Child sunglasses
    5. E-6000 glue
    6. Mod Podge
    7. Fabric scissors
    8. Paint brush
    9. Straight pins
    10. Pattern
    11.  2 D-rings
    12. 12. Needle & thread (or sewing machine)
    13. 36” length of ribbon


We found our butterflies in a craft store.  They also have them on Amazon under Touch of Nature Butterflies. They are made of feathers and have a sprinkle of glitter on them. 




Make your Pattern

You can scale it from this picture.  Or email me at and I will send you a PDF of the pattern we used.  It fits a 14-18” waist.

(This is half of the vest, to be placed on the fold of the fabric.)



Cut Out Your Vest

  1. Fold your felt in half.
  2. Pin pattern to felt.
  3. Cut along the edge of the pattern.



Unfolded, it looks like this: 



The D-rings

  1. Place the longer strip of the pattern (the vest top) on top of the fatter strip.



2. Thread the two strips through the d-ring, bending it over the straight edge.



3. Stitch close to that straight edge.  Do this on both sides.

4. Tie your ribbon to one of the d-rings.  The ribbon will then thread through the other ring and tie in a bow on the back to close the harness vest.



The Butterfly

Our butterflies had alligator clips on the back. We decided to break them off and then glue them onto the vest using a glue gun. 



The Glasses

Our very first blog, Let’s Make Sunnies, gave step by step directions on applying the glitter to the glasses and the novelty items to the frames. For detailed directions, follow that blog.


Doggie D.I.Y: Let’s Make Sunnies!


Here are brief instructions:

  1. Paint your frames with Mod Podge.  Make sure not to get any on the lenses. 
  2. Sprinkle Extra-fine Glitter on the wet Mod Podge. We held the glasses over a piece of paper, then gathered the glitter from the paper and reused it until the wet Mod Podge was completely covered.
  3. Let the glasses dry.
  4. Do the same with the wood butterflies, first painting them with Mod Podge, then sprinkling Extra-fine Glitter on them. Our package came with all different size butterflies, so we picked big ones and small ones, for a more colorful look. We got our butterflies from China, but you can find them on Amazon.  Search Wood butterflies to paint.
  5. Let the butterflies dry. 
  6. Glue the small butterflies onto the big butterflies using E-6000 glue. 
  7. Once that is dry, apply E-6000 to the corners of the glasses.
  8. Place the glittered butterflies onto the globs of glue. Keep an eye on them for a few minutes.  They will want to slip down while the glue is wet. As it dries, it thickens and the slippage stops.  You want the corners to be even, so nudge them in place after about 5 minutes.



You’re done!

Put on your new outfits and smile for the camera.



See you next time! Happy crafting.


Woofie and BeaR

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