Doggie DIY: Beachy Crop Tees

Less is more, especially when it comes to summer fashion.  Wanna make something fun and easy? Try our no-sew beachy fringe crop tees!




For the tee: we used the lower part of a long sleeve t-shirt because we have tiny necks. You can use any part of the shirt and pin it together at the back, sew it together, or make it like a bandana that will tie.  The important part is that it’s t-shirt material, so the strips you cut for fringe will best roll. 


For the trim: Mom did a dollar store run to find fun summertime novelty items. She bought a bunch of choices but only used one thing. That’s what makes it look rich, it’s not cluttered like an over-decorated cake. We first made ours with too much clutter, but as Coco Chanel says:



Here’s what you need:

    1. Jersey tee
    2. Ruler
    3. Tape
    4. Pencil
    5. Fabric scissors
    6. Decorative items



First Cut Your Tee

No matter what part of the t-shirt you use, the important thing is for the front of your crop tee (the longer side of the angle) to be parallel to the grain of the fabric. The reason: when you pull the fringe pieces, they will roll best if parallel to the grain.



  1. Fold the fabric in half. If using a sleeve, fold so the seal is on one side (the back.)
  2. If using a sleeve, fold in half again. Draw a line. Cut.  When you unfold, you might find a curved line.  Cut off the curve.


To determine the front length: add the length of the desired fringe plus the amount of a front shirt you want. 



The Fringe

  1. Lay a piece of tape where you want the fringe to stop.
  2. Draw the first line 1/4” away from center front, then draw the rest 1/2” apart. 
  3. Cut along the lines, stopping at the tape.



Pull on each fringe piece, rolling the edges.



We found cute foam fishies and sea creatures with peel-off adhesive. You can also combine this with our stencil DIY project from a few weeks ago.  


Place your design on your tee top, then before you attach the pieces, consider taking some of what you laid on, off.



Then you’re done! Wear it with pride, and tag us!  We love following along with all of our friends.  See you next time! Happy crafting.



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