Dog Pretends to Be Stray Pup, Begs for McDonalds

Dogs may not be the smartest species of animals, but they certainly know how to get what they want. Case in point: one pup literally scammed her way into regularly eating free fast food—and her owner took to Facebook to “shame” her pooch, as reported by People. 


Meet Princess, the dog who pretends to be a stray pup and makes her way over to a McDonald’s drive through, where she uses her sweet face to pine over McRibs, Big Macs, and those oh-so-salty-and-delicious French fries. Her owner, Betsy Reyes called out her “gold-digging” (but oh-so-sweet) dog on Facebook, warning locals in the area not to feed her “fat” pet—which then turned Princess into a viral Internet superstar. But are you even surprised?

Apparently some were, as Reyes later posted a follow-up message, taking a video of her dog in the act and subsequently posting it on Facebook. In the clip, you can check out Princess approaching a car window to grab a bit of burger from an ignorant human just trying to placate those sweet puppy eyes. After nabbing yet another free meal, Princess eventually notices her mom—but doesn’t seem to be too embarrassed about getting caught in the act. And why should she be? That’s one smart dog.


Photo: Joiarib Morales Uc on Unsplash

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Rachel Zoldan

Rachel Jacoby Zoldan is a freelance writer and editor living in New York City with her husband two cats, Gerry and Cookie. (Who are, yes, named after a film about dogs.)

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