Dog Paradise Is Real And It’s In Costa Rica

Need an idea for your next vacation? If you love dogs as much as I do, you need to check out Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica. This animal shelter is home to over 900 stray dogs that roam free in the rolling hills of this beautiful country. The best part of all? They’re all up for adoption.

Located an hour north of San José, ‘The Land of the Strays’ (as it’s referred to in English) hosts weekend walks with its precious pups. Go on a 2 mile trek with hundreds of adorable dogs and bask in the amazingness that is this place. Where else can you frolic around the countryside with a seemingly endless stream of pups to pat? It truly is a dog lover’s dream.

Credit: Territorio de Zaguates

It’s not only amazing for the humans, it’s also a pretty great place for the pups. Costa Rica has a serious stray dog problem, and many of them end up suffering in the streets. Territorio de Zaguates provides a wonderful temporary home for so many fortunate doggos. Besides the acres of land to run around in, the shelter also has indoor areas with beds, bathing and feeding stations. They also have plenty of water stations around the property to make sure these hounds stay properly hydrated.

Credit: Territorio de Zaguates

The goal of the shelter is to try to change the perception of mixed-breed dogs. They want people to understand that mutts can be just as good if not better than purebred dogs because they are completely unique. They have one-of-a-kind traits that make them extremely special. The volunteers provide excellent care for the dogs, but they ultimately want them all to find permanent, loving homes.

Credit: Territorio de Zaguates

So if you can get down to Costa Rica, definitely don’t leave Territorio de Zaguates off your list of must-sees. The organization even provides a shuttle from one of the larger towns so you have no excuse not to visit these cute canines. And who knows? You might even find your best furry friend forever.

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