Dog Mother’s Day Is May 12: Here Are the Best Gifts to Buy

Every year, Americans gather together on the second Sunday in May to celebrate Mothers’ Day and honor the matriarchs in their respective families. And usually dads, daughters, sons, and the like coming bearing gifts. But this Saturday, May 12, marks the first Dog Mother’s Day–ever! Which means in case your only babies are your fur ones, you deserve some love and recognition too, right? These gifts for Mom, which run the gamut from grooming tools for Fido to a cheeky tank top for you, are the perfect way to say thanks. (Bark thanks?)


1. A subscription to DogTV ($10/month)

Once only available for DirectTV subscribers, DogTV is now offered on any and every device with its signature auditory and visual therapeutic techniques for pups. Through years of research, experts created 24/7 programming to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns especially while left home alone.


Aquapaw Bathing Glove

2. Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove ($25)

Busy dog moms don’t always have time to take their pet to the groomer often (or, in the case of some of us short-haired pup owners, don’t go really ever)–this glove ameliorates your entire need to make any kind of special shampoo stop. With just one hand, bath time becomes faster, easier, and more water-efficient, giving it that eco-friendly added bonus.


Pretty Fluffy

3. Pretty Fluffy Crazy Dog Lady Wall Art Print ($15)

This Australian lifestyle shop has a slew of pretty, Instagrammable home furnishings, but this hilarious print is almost too cute–and if nothing else, too accurate–to pass up.


Varsity Ball

4. The Varsity Ball ($40)

If your dog is the type who shreds every new toy within ten minutes of purchasing, this is a must-have for dog moms, as its virtually indestructible. Owners of 100-pound plus pups have attested to its strength, and there’s also a “JV” option for smaller breeds.



5. “I Just Want to Be a Stay-at-Home Dog Mom” Muscle Tank ($26)

Although self-explanatory, this workout-friendly tank top is also nothing short of hilarious–you’re bound to get a laugh from whomever you come across while wearing it.


6. Dognition subscription ($79/year)

Promising “to find the genius in your dog,” Dognition offers fun, science-based games for you and your dog. The more you play, the more insight you’ll gain into how your pup’s mind works.

Photo: Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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