Dog Days of Summer with Sprint and LG

 Presented by Sprint and LG

Is there such a thing as taking too many pictures or videos of your fur baby? No, absolutely not! As Cooper and Fredrick the Frenchie’s mom, I confess to having 24,116 pictures/videos on my phone right now. Yup, that’s right, over twenty-four thousand!



Some may say that’s crazy—I won’t argue that; however, not all of the pictures are of the pups (less than 5% are non-pups). What can I say, people like to capture every moment of their little ones growing and developing—humans and animals. The truth of the matter is that deleting pictures is not my strong suit.

Let me take you behind the scenes as an attempt to justify the thousands of pictures on my phone. Cooper posts pictures daily on his Instagram and Facebook. We usually take a few pictures a day and select one or two images. It’s not easy to capture “good” shots of Cooper because he purposely turns away from the camera. Yes, sweet Cooper is a diva at times.



Taking Cooper outside for pictures is a bit more challenging in busy public areas where there are tons of distractions. He loves people’s attention and demands to be acknowledged from great distances. Did I mention he’s easily distracted? We’re working on this and hope to improve because he loves to travel with us. Sitting still in public is definitely not Cooper’s thing and often times I end up with a black and white streak or a blurry blob.

Luckily for me, and all pet parents, LG is launching the new G7 ThinQ smartphone. Through artificial intelligence, the G7’s camera has the ability to identify what you are photographing and adjust the settings to make sure you are getting the best photo. That means the phone knows when l am photographing Cooper, not a human so there is less chance of a blurry blob!



As you can imagine, there’s a mix of good and bad quality pics on my phone. Some of the bad ones could have been avoided if I knew some basic tips. In addition to having an awesome phone, here are just a few things I learned while capturing 24,000+ images along the years:

  • Make sure there’s plenty of bright lighting
  • Use bright contrasting background colors to make your picture pop
  • Use portrait mode if you have a busy background so the camera focuses directly on your pup
  • Try to avoid casting shadows on your object
  • Don’t be afraid to use camera filters
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Having fun is truly the key! You should love what you do and do what you love—always. We look forward to spending more time outdoors together and sharing Cooper’s adventures with you!

Summer is right around the corner so that means more outdoor activities and pictures! We love using our new LG G7 on Sprint’s network. Not only do we get amazing service but they are philanthropic too! For a limited time, if you tag your social media pics with #SprintLGG7, $10 will be donated to North Shore Animal League America (up to $10,000). Please join me in the efforts to raise money for this amazing organization!



Wishing you a bright, colorful, and happy summer! Love, Cooper! 


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