Dog Celebrates Birthday With All Her Friends

We treat our furry friends like family, so it only makes sense that they deserve the very best birthday parties. For 1-year-old French bulldog Marvel, that’s exactly what she got. She celebrated her first year of life with some delicious food and, of course, some very special friends.

Credit: The Dodo

Marvel lives with her 4 siblings, who all happen to be different ages and species. Skye the black lab is 6, Neave the yellow lab is 3, Espurr the cat is 1, and Sparrow the bearded dragon is 4. Together, they make for one cute crew.

Credit: The Dodo

To celebrate this momentous occasion, their mother Emma Bias baked up some yummy treats. She made a dog-friendly cake from oats, carrots, blueberries and peanut butter. She also whipped up some cheese and chicken biscuits and made a nice salad for little Sparrow.

No birthday is complete without presents, and Marvel was definitely spoiled. She got a squeaky pizza toy and plenty of new bones to chew on. Her party was a huge hit and was a great way to celebrate lucky number one. Who knows what Marvel will be up to next year.

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