Do You Know Where Your Dogs Are?

Having 7 dogs is a lot of fun, but caring for them and keeping them safe requires attention to each individual, as well as the group as a whole. I literally count our dogs numerous times during the day and into the evening to be sure everyone is safe.


Piglet and his pack gather in the kitchen for their bedtime cookies and one last headcount before we head upstairs for the night.


Even though we are completely fenced, when we go outside all together I am constantly counting dogs. The fence keeps everyone safe from the road, but there are hidden dangers within the yard. We have small dogs so they are at risk for being hauled off by a hawk or a coyote. They also love to munch on grass and mushrooms which can be highly toxic. Our dogs need to be supervised and accounted for but despite our diligence, it is very easy to leave someone outside in the yard. So, when we come inside, I literally count the dogs as they walk through the door. This way I’m sure no one has been left outside unattended.


No matter how many dogs there are, it is always a good idea to visualize your dog(s) when you leave your house and when you return. I give everyone a treat every time I go out so that I’m sure they are safe in the house or in my car if they are coming with me.


Fortunately, Piglet and his pack are a close group. They love doing things together which makes it relatively easy to keep track of all of them. When we hear the hawks calling we race into the house where each dog gets a cookie. That’s how I know everyone is inside safely.


When I get home, I usually let the dogs outside to pee which gives me a chance to be sure everyone is home safely. There’s no risk of leaving one of my dogs in the car in the driveway on a hot day if they are accounted for when I have entered the house. I hear horror stories of dogs accidentally being forgotten in hot cars. This is a mistake that carries devastating consequences.


Seven dogs are all ready to go inside after being out in the yard. Taking a group pic is a good way to make sure everyone is accounted for before we go inside.


Whether you have one or a group of dogs, be sure to take a headcount at key points during the day. I do one final headcount with treats before heading off to bed which all the dogs look forward to. Your dogs will appreciate the attention and you will be in the habit of keeping your beloved babies safe.

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Piglet the Deaf Blind Pink Puppy

Piglet is a deaf blind chihuahua dachshund mix rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. He responds to touch and tap signals, maps his environment, and he loves to take walks and play with his 6 dog siblings. Piglet has become an ambassador for special needs pets. He educates, advocates, inspires, and raises money for special needs dog rescues. He also puts a smile on faces all around the world. Piglet’s mom is a small animal house call veterinarian.

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