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Sometimes we think that buying the most expensive toys out there will make our dogs love us that much more. But most of the time, they’re happy just spending time with us and getting some precious belly rubs. If your pup does like something to play with, no need to spend a lot on the craziest toy in the store. You can make something just as good with some materials in your own home.

One of the easiest ones only requires two materials: an empty plastic water bottle and an old tube sock. Simply take the cap and small plastic ring off the water bottle to avoid choking. Then, put the bottle in the sock as far as it will go. Tie off the end of the sock so the bottle doesn’t fall out and let your pup enjoy. If your dog loves to chew and make that satisfying crunchy noise, they’ll love it.

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The next one only takes an old t-shirt or two and a pair of scissors. Take one (or more, if you’re feeling colorful) t-shirts and cut them into 2-3″ wide strips. Gather about 20 strips together and tie off one end. Then, simply braid together and tie off the other end. Trim the edges to make them even and you have a chew toy that your dog can’t wait to destroy.

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Step up your toy game a little by adding a tennis ball to the previous toy. Follow the same instructions, but with a few less strips so that braid isn’t as thick. Before you tie off the other end, cut two holes in a tennis ball with some scissors and slide it onto the braid. Knot it off and let your puppy pal enjoy.

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With just a few household items and a little craftiness, you can make a toy that your doge will love. Next time you’re tempted to buy that expensive toy in the store, consider these DIY options instead.

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