Dad Hats For Your Dog

I’m not sure how it happened, but dad hats are in. Celebrities left and right are rocking the baseball cap and it’s time your furry friend kept up with the trends. Here are some stylish options that could hide even the worst bad fur days:

Credit: Baxter Boo

Here we have the cutest little mutt model to show off the classic dad hat. Have a look at that contrasting brim and the way her ears just pop out perfectly.

Credit: Petco

If you’ve got a hipster hound, this hat is for them. The tribal print and bear graphic are perfect for a pup that loves the outdoors and wants everyone to know it.

Credit: Amazon

A classic dad hat in a not-so-classic color. If your pup wants to give this trend a little pop, try this little orange number.

Credit: Ebay

If your furry friend is a true fashionista, test the limits by rocking a fun print. Whether it’s floral, leopard, camo, or whatever—let your pup’s attitude shine.

Credit: Amazon

Turns out this trend is more than just for the dogs. This striped dad hat is perfect for small pets of any species, even our floppy-eared friends.

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