Cuts To Keep Your Pet Cool

The weather is heating up and it’s time to swap those turtlenecks for tank tops. You change your wardrobe for each season, so why shouldn’t your pet? Here are a few before and after looks of some furry friends and their new warm weather hairstyles.

Dougie the Shih Tzu

Dougie gets a nice little trim to help him beat the heat. He goes from scruffy teddy bear to a clean-cut, dapper gentleman.


Fluffy Smushball get the half-shaved treatment to stay cool and look cool. This feline friend is looking more like a wild animal than a house cat with this unique ‘do.

Suki from Wally and Molly

Even bunnies need a new spring look. Suki goes from fluffy to sleek, but she still keeps those furry feet and long, luscious ears.

Quincy Fox

Quincy Fox doesn’t just change her hair, she basically changes species. With just a few snips, she goes from pup to fox and gains about a million cuteness points.

Tibby the Corgi

Sometimes you don’t even need scissors to lighten the load of a heavy winter coat. If you’re Tibby the Corgi, all you need is a good brush.

Remix the Dog

Just a little trim and Remix is ready to take on the heat. He goes for the all-over snip, but still keeps those brows on fleek.

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