Cute Suits For Cat Ladies

There’s still plenty of time left to hit the pool and show off your favorite swimsuit. If your current options are feeling a little tired, here are some you might want to try. These suits have tons of personality and they’re sure to satisfy those who fancy our feline friends.

Credit: DHGate

You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. One pieces are definitely “in” this season and this one certainly makes a statement.

Credit: Etsy

Who knew a bathing suit could have ears? And who knew it would look so cute? You might get some interesting tan lines in this suit, but it’s definitely worth it.

Credit: Amazon

These two pieces make for one cute suit. Everyone loves a simple black bathing suit, and this one adds the perfect amount of kitsch.

Credit: Amazon

Those are some cool cats. You’re going to want to walk, not run, to show off this awesome one piece of cats in glasses.

Credit: ModCloth

This two piece wonder is as flattering as it is trendy. What is better to give you an hourglass shape than a bathing suit covered in kittens and cupcakes in space. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

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