Cute Canine Couples From The Dogist

The Dogist is basically Humans of New York for pups, and he’s the best at capturing the cutest dogs in town. He’s photographed dogs of all shapes, sizes, and species. Every once in a while, he hits the jackpot and photographs not one but TWO adorable pups. Here are some of the cutest canine couples he’s captured:

Nothing better than a pair of terrier twins. Jet and Zoey look like two fun-loving dogs that dream of nothing but tennis balls all day.

These pups are like the venti and grande sizes of a precious puppuccino.

These golden guys have been through some tough times, but it looks like Chester is always by his brother’s side. What a pair of good pups.

While at first glance these pups might look like a pair of bouncers at a club, we know that under those mean mugs lie gentle hearts.

This two-toned team is anything but tiny. I’m sure walking this giant canine combo makes for some pretty serious cardio.

How much floof is too much floof? The limit does not exist. That’s definitely true when it comes to this pair of furry fidos.

These little schnauzers are like the yin and yang of adorable pups. These canines complement each other perfectly to form quite the doggy duo.

This wrinkly-faced underbite combo is almost too much to handle. These two lil meatballs make for the perfect pair.


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