Crusoe The Dachshund’s Best Advice on Preventing Ticks

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My name is Crusoe and I am a Mini Dachshund and a doctor.


My lawyers say I need to clarify, not a real doctor, though.


Today I am talking about the danger of ticks, and the importance of helping protect ourselves against them. As a Canadian dog myself, as a dogtor, and as a dog who has had a tick before, I am virtually an expert.


The scary part about ticks is that first and foremost, they are super gross. Technically in the arachnid family, [shiver], they look for hosts on which to feed on and may carry diseases!



I myself had a tick before, and it was not a fun experience. They can carry diseases, including Lyme Disease. I had my tick tested and thankfully I was safe, but it was eye-opening for me, especially as getting a tick usually will involve some sort of trip to the vet, which is something you should always consider from a prevention and wellness point of view.



The bottom line is that due to the climate changing, ticks are moving farther north, expanding their territory. They can travel on migratory birds and small animals. They can be found not just in tall grass, but also in leaf litter and wooded areas.


They (generally) stay dormant over winter, but become especially active in Spring and Fall, but can pop up at other times of year when temperatures are favorable, usually over just 4 degrees Celsius. In fact, in some parts of Canada, ticks can be active over the winter. (Learn more about ticks in Canada in here)



Even while watching TV…in the shower…You gotta think about prevention!! Dun dun dun…


There are actually ways out there to help prevent ticks from feeding on you. All you have to do is ask your vet for more information on the treatment options available and resources about prevention. It helps for you to be informed on the subject, though. There’s some more information and ticks & fleas which you can find here.


Tick season has already started. Talk to your vet today for recommendations on how to help prevent ticks so you and your pet can stay safe!


Thanks for readin’,

~ Crusoe, M.D.

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