Crusoe On The Road

Darling dachshunds Crusoe and Oakley are a pair of perfect pups. They make hilarious videos and dress up in adorable costumes. Recently, they’ve taken their snuggly little sausage show on the road to the Smoky Mountains. I’ve followed along with their hashtag #CrusoeinTheSmokies, and here are some of the best posts on Insta:

When they first set off on their trip, Crusoe wasn’t exactly sure if he was ready to go. I mean, would they even have enough treats for him there?

Crusoe finally decided to go along with it, and he came prepared with some entertainment and essentials for the trip. He knows a good neck pillow is crucial for any flight.

When they finally reached their cabin in the woods, Crusoe and Oakley knew they were in for a good week. Just look at those smiling pup faces!

When their pawrents told them they were going white water rafting, these barking brothers weren’t too thrilled.

But when they got in the water, they wondered what they were even scared about in the first place. These pups were meant for all the adventures.

Crusoe obviously had to take a pit stop to pose with his idol Dolly Parton. He could take on the stage name Doggy Parton and be a real star.

Crusoe and Oakley ended their adventures in the mountains with a perfect view to match these perfect pups. Looks like these guys had a pretty great vacation and took some pretty amazing pictures along the way.

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