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We don’t care if your dog is big or small, fluffy or scruffy. All dogs deserve to look amazing on Halloween. So whether you’ve got a tiny Chihuahua or a massive Great Dane, there’s a costume out there that’s perfect for your pooch. Here’s a look at some great costumes for pups of all sizes.



Why not dress your tiny pooch as another tiny creature? For small dogs, bug costumes like bees or ladybugs are the perfect way to complement their petite size.



Some small dogs are more willing to put on a full outfit than other larger dogs, which opens up tons of adorable possibilities. If your pet reacts well to wearing clothes, try putting them in one of these cute arm illusion costumes.


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This one’s an oldie but a goodie: a hot dog dog dressed as a hot dog. To really take this one to the next level, get the whole family involved. Dress up as a hot dog vendor or condiments to complement your pet.


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Shih tzu or Brussels Griffon owners will tell you that the Star Wars Ewoks look eerily similar to their furry friends. It’s a perfect costume that’s definitely relevant and you can even make yourself.




It seems like the bigger a dog gets, the less likely they are to respond well to costumes. But if you have one of the lucky few that tolerate wearing clothes, then Halloween is your time to shine. Take inspiration from That Goldendoodle and make up your own special superhero. Her wine-themed Sippy Paws is a great example.


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For the more independent dogs, stick to simple accessories. Something as easy as bunny ears can make a fun costume that’s cute and fuss-free.


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Those adorable fake arm costumes aren’t just for petite pups. This hilarious delivery person costume comes in a few different sizes. No matter how big or small your dog is, they’re probably not a fan of the man in brown.

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So the odds of this costume actually staying on for more than two seconds are slim to none, but look how cute it is! Before your pup wriggles out of this one, make sure to snap a cute pic.



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With bigger dogs, it can be hard to find costumes that fit. The key is to find the right accessories. If you’re going for that frat boy look, a backwards hat and red solo cups are all you need.


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Floofy friend Rocco clowns around in his Halloween outfit. He’s got the full accessory set on and it looks like he’s ready to hit the big top at any moment. Those shoes were definitely meant for human feet, but Rocco makes it work.


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Putting a lion’s mane on your golden retriever is one of the easiest and best things you could ever do for Halloween. It’s a simple prop that really transforms your precious pet into the king of the jungle.


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If you’re ever in a pinch, making a ghost costume for your big pup is super simple. A big, white sheet and a pair of scissors instantly transform your good boy into a ghoul.


It doesn’t matter how tiny or tall your dog is. All dogs can get in the spirit and dress up as something fun for Halloween. Make sure to check in your area for contests and parades so you can really show off your costumed canine.



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