Cool Kickstarters For Pets

Kickstarter is full of crazy inventions and initiatives that you can donate money to. There are handcrafted mini piñatas, braille-labeled clothing, and even a guy who just wanted to make a potato salad. But there are also tons of pet-related projects that we could totally get behind. Here are just a few we found:

Sego: a robot pet companion

Leaving your pet home alone is never easy. Sego makes it better. This little robot can help keep your pet company and even help clean up if he/she has an accident. Sego is equipped with a food/treat dispenser, laser pointer, shovel, camera, speaker, and microphone. Using the special Sego app, you can feed and even play with your precious pet no matter where you are. The laser pointer serves as a fun distraction, while the camera helps you make sure your companion is just as cute as always.

Credit: Kickstarter

Bark n Bag: the eco friendly pet carrier

If you want to take your petite pet with you wherever you go, the Bark n Bag might be the perfect fit. This trendy pet carrier is not only sturdy, but also eco-friendly. It’s made with recycled plastic bottles, bamboo, and organic quilted cotton. It also features a fun travel-themed pattern for your jet-set pet. You can get the small carrier for just $45, and the wheeled version for only $50.

Credit: Kickstarter

Pet Life: give your pet a home of its own

Your pet already feels right at home in your house, but why not give it its own canine or cat casa? Pet Life agrees. They build mini pet houses out of wood so your pet always has a place to call home. With cutout windows and a furry interior, your pet is sure to enjoy its new pad. You can order a mansion or a castle for your furry friend and watch them relax in style.

Credit: Kickstarter

Tailio: the smartest litter box ever

Smart homes, smart cars, smart litter box? Tailio thinks it’s the next big thing. Getting the inside scoop on what’s going down in the litter box can be a really helpful way to find out about your cat’s health. By using motion and pressure sensors, Tailio can detect your feline’s litter habits. Just place the device under your existing litter box and track the data on the Tailio app. You can monitor your cat’s usage and the app will let you know if your precious pet might need a trip to the vet.  

Credit: Kickstarter

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