Continue Saving Lives Affected By Harvey

The people and pets of Houston still need your help! Rescue organizations from across the country are still working hard to ensure that all the animals in need get the help they deserve. Below are some organizations that began their rescue immediately and but still need helping hands!

Austin Pets Alive

This Austin-based rescue group has helped relocate over 2,000 animals. They also currently have about 1,000 animals in foster care. They’ve received tons of donated materials that they are currently working to distribute to the shelters and animals that need them.

Dallas DogRRR

This organization has partnered with another rehabilitation and special needs-focused rescue to help raise money to rebuild. They were able to safely relocate all of their animals, but now they need help getting back on their feet. So far, they’ve raised over $4,000 towards their goal.

Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends network has been working tirelessly to rescue, relocate, and reunite thousands of pets. They’ve transported rescue dogs to places like Utah, Virginia, and Michigan to ensure they found the space they needed. They’ve also been successful in reuniting dogs and owners that were separated during the storm.

Southwest Airlines

Rescue relief can come from all different kinds of organization. This airline company helped pets in need by transporting an entire flight of dogs and cats from Austin to San Francisco.

So while the storm may be over, the battle is just beginning. Donations to these organizations are always welcome, and they can help the rescue community of Texas rebuild.


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