Come on NYC! We’re Better Than This!

This incredibly disturbing video was posted last week by the Humane Society. It details the horrible treatment of animals at the Chelsea Kennel Club, a pet store in Manhattan.

Yesterday, pups and humans gathered at another pet store in Manhattan to protest all pet stores in New York City.

Major cities like Boston, Washington-DC, Los Angeles and Chicago are all on the list of cities that have banned pet stores. Why isn’t New York City on this list?

New York City is better that this and so are the good people who live here. Pet stores buy directly from puppy mills and are frequently in the media for inhumane treatment of the animals for sale.

Influencers (and their humans) such as Toast Meets WorldElla BeanChloe Kardoggian and Lil Gremlins were in attendance to let these businesses know that pet stores need to go and they won’t stand for the mistreatment of these defenseless animals.

Join us in protest of pet stores in NYC and Sign the Pledge to !

You can also Text “PUPPY” to 30644 to find the closest puppy-friendly adoption options near you.

To learn more about “puppy-friendly” adoption options and how you can encourage pet stores in your area to stop giving business to puppy mills, click here.

Together we can help save animals like this adorable shelter pup, Betty.




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