Chow For Your Chinchilla

There are fur babies of all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique needs. Chinchillas are certainly no different. These extra special pets also require an extra special diet to ensure their wonderfully fluffy coats stay nice and healthy.

In general, a chinchilla’s diet should consist mainly of carbs and fiber. They’re herbivores, so about 15% of their diet should also be some sort of plant protein. The rest of their diet can be made up of small amounts of fat, oil, sugar, and minerals.

To get the nutrients they need, chinchillas should eat mostly hay and chinchilla pellets. The hay can be alfafa, alpine, timothy, orchard grass, or blue grass. For the pellets, make sure they’re made specifically for chinchillas. Pellets for guinea pigs or other small animals might not have the right mixture of nutrients that your furry friend needs.

Besides their normal diet, chinchillas also love an occasional snack. Our pal Mr. Bagel loves the Simple Rewards from Oxbow because they’re a perfect sweet treat. Some people think that raisins make a good chinchilla snack, but they should definitely be limited because of their high sugar content. For something a little lighter, Mr. Bagel prefers just plain old shredded wheat.

Chinchillas need a lot of things to stay happy and healthy, and their diet is just one of them. But if you think you’re ready to take on the responsibility of this adorably fluffy little friend, stock up on alfalfa and Chex cereal and get ready for all the soft snuggles you can handle.

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