Chloe’s Eurotrip

Chloe might be a mini frenchie, but she goes on some pretty big adventures. For her latest vacay, she traveled all over Europe to the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Milan, and Parma. Obviously, she looked fabulous from start to finish, so let’s look at some of her best travel instas:

A cozy neck pillow, a furry blanket, and a stylish carry-on. Chloe has her travel essentials down to a science.

No trip to Spain would be complete without sangria, and Chloe wastes no time in picking up a pitcher. When you’re on vacation, always aim for a glass of sangria that’s almost as big as you are.

Swimmy Chlo beats the heat in a Spanish summer with a dip in a fountain. As soon as that water hits her back, she knows how to paddle away.

On her way to Milan, obviously this posh pet hangs out in the VIP Lounge. She perches on the cozy leather chairs and enjoys a nice pre-flight drink.

Pizza so thick and delicious, it requires a fork. Chloe knows good eats when she sees ’em, and she’s got her tongue ready to slurp up a slice.

What’s prettier, the plaza or the pup? Put ’em both together and it makes for an Instagram that defines #travelgoals.

Pit stop in Lake Como and obviously she takes in the views with a glass of Italy’s finest vino. Her face says, “where’s the food?”

When in Parma, eat nothing but cheese. Looks like a plate of cheese, some oil, and a leaf of lettuce are considered a meal there, and I don’t think Chlo is complaining.

Chloe really took in Italy’s main food groups: pizza, wine, cheese, and gelato. She looks like she’s thanking the gelato gods for blessing her with such a delicious dessert.

What a work of art! Oh yeah, I guess the building is cool too. Chloe is such a cultured canine and she’s always taking pics in the coolest parts of town.

Time to head home, and obviously she’s flying in style. Forget the airplane drink cart, this bougie jet has it’s own actual bar. Good choice, Chlo.

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