Chloe the Mini Frenchie Goes To LA

Chloe the Mini Frenchie is a jet-set pet who always lives the life of luxury. She just went on a trip to LA and documented every step of her fabulous journey on Insta. Here’s a look at some of the best snaps from her Cali vacay:

She’s cute, she’s cuddly, and she’s ready for takeoff. Chloe brought Ellie the Elephant along for the ride because who doesn’t love traveling with their BFF?

Ahh, just watch her soak in the sun as she enjoys her new oceanfront digs. Nothing better than enjoying the beach without having to deal with sand in your paws.

Chloe and Ellie are really taking advantage of all the pet-friendly perks at the Loews Santa Monica. Room service delivered to bed? Ruff life.

Even when the Cali weather cooled down, Chloe rocked her best striped sweater and cuddled up on the deck. Still can’t beat that beachfront view.

Like any LA trendsetter, Chloe needs her morning iced coffee before you can even THINK of speaking to her. This precious pup knows what she wants.

Traveling can take a lot of you when you’re as popular as Chloe. So when she finally gets back to her own bed, she catches up on some much needed zzzz’s.

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Sarah Cookson

Writer/Dog Enthusiast living in New York City. Only goes to parties in hopes there will be a dog there to hang out with. Her resolutions for 2017 were to eat healthier and pet more pups. Bet you can guess which one she stuck with.

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