Chic Collars For Your Feline Friend

Your cat needs a collar for obvious safety reasons, but it shouldn’t stop there. Keep your feline friend looking fresh with these fashionable options.

For the furry fish-lover


Credit: Etsy

Is it weird that this collar makes me hungry? Those cute little sushi pieces look delicious and dainty. This collar is perfect for your feline foodie.

For the handsome hairball

Credit: Etsy

Pets in bowties are literally the cutest thing ever. I know this collar says it’s just for weddings, but I see no problem with leaving it on all the time and letting your cat be the most dapper one in the room.

For the trendy tabby

Credit: Etsy

Coachella may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fabulous fashion has to stop. I’m digging the vibes of these cool collars, and I think your cat would too.

For the purring princess

Credit: Etsy

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But seriously, this is an adorable collar that’s perfect for your dainty little kitty.

For the cutesy cat

Credit: Etsy

Pineapples made their trendy debut last year, but I think they’re still going strong. Nothing like some tropical vibes for your cool cat.

For the fancy feline

Credit: Etsy

If your cat is a total diva, why not buy her a pearl necklace to complete the look? Just check out how fabulous this pretty little pussycat looks.

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