Check Out Wild One, a Super Chic New Pet Gear Line

Sure, there are lots of fab embellished and adorned pet accessories out there. (In fact, our resident fashion critics talk about them every week.) But what about the pet parents out there that just want a minimalist approach to their dog and cat gear? They might find design heaven at Wild One, a new brand full of chic and modern essentials.



The online destination launched last week with collars, leashes, carriers, harnesses, beds, bowls, poop bags and carriers, and even tennis balls–all in a tight 6-color palette of tan, navy, red, blush, gray, and black.


The line is inspired by technical apparel, and in fact, some of the materials have never been used in pet products prior–but are intended to “heighten performance and practicality.”



Co-founder Minali Chatani gave us a few thoughts on the brand and what we can expect:


What makes the materials high quality/superior?
Our materials were all selected as a result of a long and thorough product development process, working closely with pet owners, industrial designers, and manufacturing partners. Materials were comprehensively tested for functionality, performance, and durability. Many of the materials we use in our items have never before been used in a pet product application. Throughout the development process, we’ve been inspired by applying technical materials traditionally used for human activity (athletic wear and outdoor gear) to pet items in a cleverly designed manner.


Is it difficult to design with both small and large dogs in mind?
There are definitely a lot of considerations that come to play when designing for different sizes as well as different ages, but we thrive on a good design challenge so it’s often more exciting than difficult.



What the inspiration for the color palette?
We wanted to keep things simple. To us, these colors are basics that can be combined for a little more fun or bought in sets for the design-conscious pet parent.


Any hints at upcoming products?
This is the core offering… for now 😉 Our co-founder Veronica has been spearheading a lot of product development work for upcoming lines but we can’t quite reveal those secrets yet.


Bonus: Wild One contributes a portion of proceeds from every purchase to 52 Pups in 52 Weeks. It sponsors the rescue of a pet per week in partnership with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. In one year, that means lifting 52 at-risk dogs out of troubled environments and putting them on track to find forever families. That’s another great reason to shop!

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