Check Out This Hockey Pup

Hockey player Nate Thompson loves his team, but probably not as much as he loves his canine companion Eddie. At a recent practice for the Ottawa Senators, he brought along his best friend to play around on the ice.

Just look at Eddie go! This pup does better on the ice than most people, and he certainly lives up to his breed by retrieving all the pucks in sight. Get this dog a jersey because he definitely looks like he could be a member of the team.

This video isn’t the first time this dog has appeared on social media. Thompson has over 17,000 followers on Instagram, and he often posts pictures of his favorite pup.

Happy 1st Birthday Eddie

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Eddie got a special shoutout on his first birthday, with plenty of fans wishing him all the best. Looks like all of Thompson’s fans are pretty fond of this adorable little guy, too.

#Nationalpuppyday 🐶 “The People’s Dog” #Eddie

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Check out this dapper duo. Nate and Eddie are a brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond.

Eddie is so photogenic that Thompson even made him his own Instagram. He only has 397 followers so far, but we’re sure that number is sure to grow.


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Just look at how cute he is frolicking in the surf. Looks like Eddie is the king of the ice and the sea. Is there anything this pup can’t do?

While hockey fans love to see Thompson on the ice, I’m sure they’d love to see more of Eddie, too. Here’s to hoping that Eddie joins the Senator squad for good and becomes the next Air Bud of hockey.

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