Check Out This Amazing Dog Fountain

Typically, a random fountain in Canada wouldn’t be anything to write home about. But this particular fountain is very special. Instead of regular spouts spewing water, it features something much cuter: dozens of adorable dogs.

You can find this very special water feature in Berzcy Park, located in the St. Lawrence Market neighborhood of Toronto. It came from the brilliant mind of landscape architect Claude Cormier. If you look closely at the fountain, you’ll note 27 dogs, one bone, and one scared cat.

Obviously, this fountain has been getting some attention from humans and canines alike. It’s already making quite a splash on Instagram, with hundreds of posts showcasing it in all its glory.

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Here’s a good look at some of these doggos and the giant bone on top. Big breeds and small breeds alike get some love in this sculpture.

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This user was able to spot the lone cat hanging around the water’s edge. Judging by the look on its face, it doesn’t look too happy to be completely surrounded by dogs.

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This furry friend imagines himself as one of the famous fountain dogs. Maybe the sculptor should take note for any future pup-based projects.

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Looks like this piece is enjoyed by all different ages and species. If you’re anywhere near the Toronto area, definitely put this fido-filled fountain on your list of must-sees.

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