Check Out These Hip Hedgehogs

Lionel and Lilo are a couple of cool critters. These hedgehogs have over 125k followers on Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re so cute and so stylish with their artsy backdrops. Here’s a look at some of their best photoshoots:

Check out this colorful and cultural background. Those spikes provide great contrast to that luxurious-looking woven tapestry.

Talk about flower power! This little hog found the perfect field of sunflowers to take the ultimate summer Instagram.

Millennial pink is THE color of the season, and this post does it so well. The combination of plants, pink, and perfect pets is unstoppable.

Let’s keep those plant pics coming. Lionel knows that succulents are the key to that trendy minimal yet earthy aesthetic.

A black and white gallery wall is every Insta influencer’s dream. Lionel really makes those pretty prints pop.

You can’t go on Instagram without seeing someone in some sort of giant inflatable pool float. This hip hedgehog knows how to keep up with the trends.

With iPhone 7 portrait mode, sometimes the coolest background is one that you can barely see at all. Lionel is definitely hip to that blurred background look.

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