Celebs Help Celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Good news! Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Every April 30, shelters around the country often lower or waive fees to help give existing animals an extra push to find loving homes.


It’s difficult for many animals to make their way out of the shelters—oddly, black dogs have it the worst—and some organizations are teaching impressive tricks to help animals become even more irresistible.


Luckily, shelter pets have some pretty powerful advocates. Check out famous A-listers who have all adopted from shelters in the past few years, and find inspiration from their super-cute pals. Then find your local shelter, stop by to see it your can find your own furever friend, and prep your home for the new arrival.


Zac Efron’s got a new BFF named Maca.


Andy Cohen rescued his pal from West Virginia.


Jenna Dewan has a full house with two rescue pets!


Olivia Munn’s made the pages of a magazine recently.


The This Is Us star paid tribute to one of his two rescue dogs earlier this month.


Chris Pine found a new friend at the North Central Shelter.


Miley Cyrus has multiple rescues in her homes, including a sweet beagle.


Kristen Bell treats her senior pup like a queen.


Amanda Seyfried is known to take her border collie mix everywhere.


Margot Robbie likes morning snuggles with hers.


This Twitter video went viral after Chris Evans showed the day he met his furever friend.

Photo: Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

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