Celebrating Working Dogs

Labor Day is all about celebrating American workers and recognizing them for all they do. Well, that goes for our canine workers as much as it does our human ones. This Labor Day, we’d like to highlight some of the many ways that dogs work hard for our society every day.

The earliest use of dogs in our society was most likely for herding. There are certain breeds of dog that are best suited for gathering and moving livestock. The aptly named cattle dog, shepherds, and sheepdogs are commonly used to herd anything from sheep to cows. Collies and corgis are some other great examples of excellent herding dogs.

Credit: Animal Planet

The tradition of herding came to the U.S. in the late 19th century from Scotland. Since then, herding dogs have played an important role in farms across the country. Today, there is still an American Herding Breed Association that hosts events and trials that allow some of the best herding dogs to show off their skills.

Another important contribution that our furry friends make is in the police force. Since 1911, police have used the help of specially-trained canines to assist them in their duties. Common police dogs include German shepherds, Belgian malinois, and Labrador retrievers.

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Dogs in the K9 unit can have many different specialties. There are tracking dogs, which are used for finding suspects or missing persons. There are detection dogs, which sniff out things like drugs or bombs. Lastly, there are general public enforcement dogs to help control a crowd or chase down a suspect.

In addition to helping out our police officers, canines are also extremely helpful with members of our military. Many of the same breeds are used, and they serve many of the same functions as our police pups. The U.S. has used dogs in pretty much every conflict, and there are thousands currently in active service.

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The final way that dogs are put to work is on a more personal level. There are many different types of services dogs that help people suffering from things like blindness, paralysis, epilepsy, autism, diabetes, depression, or severe allergies. These talented pups help people with the everyday tasks that they may not be able to complete themselves.

So this Labor Day, as you’re enjoying the long weekend off from work, make sure you appreciate all the hard-working pups too. They provide their services in many different ways and they deserve the recognition.

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