Cat Cafes From Coast To Coast

I love adorable kittens, but I am definitely not responsible enough to become a full-time pet parent yet. So when I need to get my fix of fluff, I head to the nearest cat cafe. If you want to cuddle without all the commitment, a cat cafe might be perfect for you, too.

Meow Parlour — New York, NY

NYC’s first cat cafe Meow Parlour is the perfect spot if you’re looking for something sweet and snuggly. You can reserve time at the cafe in 30 minute increments and snack on some delicious desserts while you cuddle up with your feline friends. It’s a great place for all ages, with special children’s hours for those 10 and under. And for the active types, they even offer Yoga and Kitties classes three times a month.

Credit: Meow Parlour/Facebook

Orlando Cat Cafe — Orlando, FL

With a motto like “where the cool cats hang out,” this place definitely seems like the place to be. Orlando Cat Cafe has a dozen adoptable cats that you can reserve time with. They try to keep the groups small so that everyone gets maximum cuddle time. Plus, they have awesome events like Coloring with Cats and Purr-Lattes Mat Pilates.

Credit: Orlando Cat Cafe/Facebook

Denver Cat Company — Denver, CO

For repeat customers like myself, the Denver Cat Company is the spot. While each visit to the cafe will run you $5, you can also purchase various membership levels that allow you unlimited visits. A monthly pass is just $15, while a yearly membership for you and up to 5 guests is $500. Cat lovers, rejoice!

Credit: Denver Cat Company/Facebook

Seattle Meowtropolitan — Seattle, WA

The Rainy City seems a little brighter when you realize they have a really awesome cat cafe. Seattle Meowtropolitan is a great place to get your cat and coffee fix. They have 6 resident cats and a rotating number of adoptable felines. As for the coffee, definitely don’t miss out on their adorable Catpuccino.

Credit: Seattle Meowtropolitan/Facebook

Cat Town — Oakland, CA

Cat Town is the place for serious cat lovers. The Cat Zone is where animal lovers can pay 10 bucks and spend an hour with a dozen or so adoptable kitties. The RAWR Coffee Bar in the same building gives you the chance to have a drink and maybe even decide if you want to bring one of those furry friends home.

Credit: Cat Town/Facebook

KitTea — San Francisco, CA

Props to these guys for a really adorable and punny name. And extra brownie points for the unlimited tea refills they offer during your hour-long visit. To top it all off, they have amazing events like Happy Meowr, Yoga Nights, Mewvie Nights, and Caturday Morning Cartoons.

Credit: KitTea Cat Cafe/Facebook

Purrington’s Cat Lounge — Portland, OR

If coffee’s not really your thing, Purrington’s has you covered. They have beer, cider, and wine on the menu, complete with an adorable Meowmosa. Booze AND beautiful kittens? This place really has it all. And the best part is that they’ve been able to help over 300 cats find loving, furever homes.

Credit: Purrington’s/Facebook

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