Cat Cafés are the New Rage

What would be better than spending your day sipping coffee with a cat in your lap? Sipping coffee with a dozen cats in your lap. Local “cat cafés” are popping up all over the United States and are every cat lovers’ new favorite hangout.


Cat cafés offer a place to unwind with a fresh cup of coffee and snuggle with lots of adoptable cats. Many cafés offer backstories and fun facts for each cat, making it nearly impossible not to take them home.


These well-kept cafés are different than a typical shelter. They offer a relaxing environment not only for people but for the cats too. They can roam freely and cuddle with new people while climbing around on jungle gym-like toys. The kitties typically have their own separate room where the litter boxes are kept, leaving the cafes without any unpleasant feline scents that you may expect.



The Brooklyn Cat Café is one of the most popular in New York. All of their cats are adoptable and 100% adorable. While they don’t serve fresh coffee, they offer a wide variety of packaged drinks and snacks to keep you satisfied.


The CatCafe Lounge in Los Angeles is one of the best of the west coast. They are a non-profit café housing dozens of kitties. Even better, this café can be reserved so you can spend the day with family and friends for special occasions (or any occasion, really).



A Pittsburgh favorite, The Black Cat Market, has been highly successful since it opened just over a year ago, winning multiple awards.


Check for a cat café near you and enjoy the new trend of cats with a side of coffee!

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