Carts For Special Canines

Every dog enjoys a good walk in the park. But for some pups, it’s not so easy. Whether it be from injury or illness, there are many dogs who are unable to walk due to some sort of problem with their legs. There are a few doggy wheelchair companies that are out to change that.

One company called K9 Carts is based in Washington’s Whidbey Island and specializes in mobility solutions for pets with special needs. The owner, Barbara Parkes, has made carts for a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to ferrets, goats, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chickens, and sheep.

One pup that was lucky enough to receive a K9 cart was 10-year-old black lab Sadie. She could not use her rear legs because of severe arthritis, but Parkes and her team found a solution.

Credit: Alan Berner/The Seattle Times

Another company working to help disabled pets is Walkin’ Wheels. They make carts for all different sized dogs. Their wheelchairs are fully adjustable and feature simple snap buttons and snap-in wheels.

One of their success stories is an Alaskan malamute named Bear. He lost the use of his back legs after a stroke. But after being equipped with a Walkin’ Wheels cart, he was able to get back to being a playful little pup.

Credit: Walkin’ Wheels

There are so many pets whose lives have been changed by doggy wheelchairs and other mobility solutions. Another example is Instagram star @underbiteunite. This special pup Daisy has trouble with her front elbows and needs the help of a wheelchair or prosthetics to get around.

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But her injuries definitely don’t slow her down. She’s always running around and showing off her underbite to her many Instagram fans. She also serves as an advocate for other special pups.

Take a look at @albertonwheels, this energetic pup with amazing fashion sense doesn’t let his physical disability hold him back.

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It’s never easy to have a disability, but with the help of these wheelchairs, all dogs can be on a roll.

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