Calling All Bachelorette Fans

If you have a standing appointment every Monday night to sit on your couch and watch The Bachelorette, these dog toys are for you. Online retailer BarkShop has created a special “Barkchelorette” collection to satisfy your every need. Take a look at some of the featured toys:


Credit: BarkShop

This year’s Bachelorette Rachel has not been shy about handing out smooches to her suitors, so this kiss pillow is right on trend.


Credit: BarkShop

This wouldn’t be a proper Bachelorette collection without the ever-important roses. While these guys are fighting for them on screen, make sure your pup knows they’re first in your heart by asking them: “will you accept this rose?”

Credit: BarkShop

The whole show all leads up to the finale with those fabulous Neil Lane rings. But no need to wait for the finale to give your pup some tennis ball bling.

Credit: BarkShop

If all the lovey-dovey dates have got you feeling down, look to this toy to remind you it’s all just television. No real life romance is that picture perfect.

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