Businesses Foster Felines In Need

If you ever had a class pet back in elementary or middle school, you probably remember it being pretty awesome. You got to have a companion during class, and you would look forward to your weekend when you got to take care of it. A spay/neuter clinic called Humane Ohio created a program that took inspiration from the class pet model and asked local businesses to join in.

The program, called Cat Boss, encourages local businesses to take in a cat as a foster pet for the office. This helps needy felines find a temporary place to stay while they search for their forever home. In turn, it gives businesses a chance to unite their employees and bring an extra element of fun to the office.

The first company to sign up for the program was Thread Marketing Group. They agreed to take in an orange kitten named Uno and help him find a home. The CEO Judy McFarland is on the board for Humane Ohio.

“It’s really having a calming effect in the office and has increased morale a little bit,” Ms. McFarland said.

Credit: Toledo Blade

Just 4 days after coming to the office, Uno was adopted by an employee. The early success of the program is encouraging and shows that it could really help needy cats find a loving home.

For businesses that can’t actually house a cat in their office, the program also encourages sponsorship. The clinic takes care of the cat on a day-to-day basis, but the business employees agree to reach out to their professional and social networks to try to find it a home.

So far, Cat Boss has been shown to be pretty great for all parties involved. The businesses get a furry friend that can help boost business and social media presence, and the cats get a loving place to stay.

Humane Ohio’s founder Aimee St. Arnaud said it best: “It’s a simple idea that can really do a lot of good.”

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