Bubble Backpacks For Your Furry Friend

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your pet with you wherever you go? These bubble backpacks can help make that dream come true. Here are a few fun options you could try with your petite pet:

Credit: U-pet

U-pet is the big name in bubble backpacks. Here’s one of their most popular options in turquoise. It features a roomy interior and a changeable mesh layer to give your pet a little more ventilation.

Credit: U-pet

This yellow submarine-inspired bag also comes from U-pets. It also has a switchable mesh layer option, but this one features a more rounded, retro-looking design that’s sure to turn heads.

Credit: AliExpress

If you’re really looking to make a statement, check out these options. Whether you like animal print, Hello Kitty, or the Minions, this place has you covered. You and your pet will definitely be traveling in style.

Credit: AliExpress

Make your pet really look like an astronaut in this cool space capsule-inspired backpack. This well-designed geometric pack is perfect for any minimalist looking to carry around their furry friend.

Credit: Amazon

If you’re trying to keep it classy, this leather option is your best bet. Carry your pet around in style and let your furry friend enjoy all the sights and sounds.

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