Bow-Wow Bling: Jewelry For Your Precious Pup

Sometimes your hound needs a taste of high fashion. They always have on a great fur coat, but they just need a little extra sparkle. If you have one of these furry fashionistas, take a look at some of these pet-cessories.

Diamonds for doggos

Hey big spender! Looking to drop a cool 150K on your posh pup? Then do I have the necklace for you. Yes, this online boutique is actually selling a diamond collar necklace that sells for a solid six digits. If you have barrels of money that you don’t know what to do with, why not spend it on your canine companion? Just kidding, definitely spend it on literally anything else.

Credit: The Posh Puppy Boutique

Crystals for canines

Looking for a more budget-friendly option? Etsy shop Jewels4Pets has you covered. They have dozens of necklace options catered to the petite pet. One look at these adorable chihuahuas in crystal necklaces and you’ll be sold.

Credit: Etsy

Pearls for pups

Big dogs need necklaces, too! If your mutt is trying to channel her inner Audrey Pup-burn, this pearl necklace is the perfect choice. Made from high-strength steel, these collars are sturdy enough for even the most active puppy princesses.

Credit: Etsy

Bows for bow-wows

Not interested in necklaces? Maybe your pup would enjoy a cute little bow for her luscious locks. These adorable accessories have glitter and real Swarovski crystals to make sure your pooch is always sparkling.

Credit: Etsy

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