Boise State Football’s Furry Friend

If you’ve never been to a Boise State Football game, you should know a few things. The first thing is that the turf is blue. The second (and much more important) thing is that they have a dog that retrieves the kickoff tee. His name is Kohl and he is amazing.

This little cutie stands on the sidelines and waits patiently as the Broncos kick the ball off the plastic tee. When the play is over, he darts out and grabs it off the field to obediently return to the sideline. Here’s a look at Kohl in action:

Just look at that guy go! He even has his own dog-sized jersey to fit in with his human teammates. Who knew that such a simple job could be so adorable?

This clip went viral and Kohl soon became a national celebrity.  In a Twitter poll from popular sports account @PardonMyTake, Kohl won in a landslide for Football Guy of the Week. The poll got over 18,000 votes, and Kohl earned 60% of them.

Kohl’s talents don’t end there. In addition to being on the football team, he also serves as the bat boy for local baseball team the Boise Hawks. Adorable and athletic? Sounds like this black lab is one perfect pup.

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Michele Monteiro

Michele's animal family consists of her nephew Gus (who happens to be a frenchie) and her three cats, Storm, Bolt & Shadow. Storm is a typical girl who only wants attention on her terms and hits the ignore button any chance she gets while Bolt & Shadow both want attention at all times (of course, they're boys!). She is currently seeking cuddles from any animals, there is no application deadline.