Black Cat Appreciation Day: 10 Kitties Who Really Need Homes

Just FYI, black felines everywhere are busy on Friday Aug. 17 — that’s because they’ll be basking in the glow of a day solely dedicated to them. 


#BlackCatAppreciationDay is designed to shine a spotlight on the kitties who are sometimes overlooked at shelters. 


“Black cats are the most common and unfortunately least adopted cat,” says Desiree Young with the Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation of Riverside, California, which is currently trying to find homes for about 30 of them. “The stigma also extends to tuxedo cats to a certain degree.”


We can’t be the only ones saddened by this reality. To bring on the happy, we are giving these stunning black kitties some extra love this week, in an effort to find them homes. 


Read on and share their stories to help their forever start right meow.



This 8-year-old sweetheart (pictured above and available at the Sacramento SPCA) would love nothing more than a home, but, honestly, you’d be the one to hit the jackpot in this adoption deal. Mellow, soft, playful and cuddly, she’s all this things — and wait until you hear her purr (it’s described in her bio as “tremendous”).  Also, attention all yogis: she’ll stretch her back legs every day right along with you!



“This is Madison, but we call her Maddie because she’s full of fun!” says Desiree Young with the Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. “She loves chicken and epic feather pursuit when she’s not nipping at the catnip!” Clearly, to meet this adorable girl is to love her — she’s just that friendly. “Maddie is a love who considers everyone her new best friend!” Young adds.



If you’re a cat-lover and a dog-lover, this 10-year-old senior kitty would make the perfect addition to your family. He has lived with other dogs and considers himself one of the pack, according to staff at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine. Dixon, who would do best as an indoor-outdoor pet, is also fluent in “meow,” making him a real renaissance man. “Dixon speaks with his eyes as well as his vast verbal cues,” says his former foster parent. “He will give you a long lash eye batting, should you disturb his meditation hour. We believe Dixon may have a martial arts background. He is the master of interesting poses and is quick with a paw.” 



If you’re a Netflix and chill type, Navajo might be just your speed. A little on the shy side, this 2-year-old requires a calm household where he will be given time to adjust. The Good Mews Animal Foundation, who his currently caring for this cutie, says he’s a talkative boy, especially when you scratch his ears. He seems to like other cats and would make a fab cuddle buddy.



There are so many good things to say about this 2-year-old domestic medium hair male, that it’s tough to know where to start. “Mars is a fluffy, playful lovebug,” says a cat coordinator for the Humane Society of Charlotte, where the kitty lives. “He wants to meet everyone he sees, human, fellow cat, and even dog. He’s fearless!” He’s been at the shelter for some time, likely because potential adopters shy away from committing to the cat’s feline leukemia (FeLV). Thankfully that hasn’t gotten him down — the shelter says the amazing boy will make you laugh with his playful antics and warm your heart with affection.



These soulful eyes love to explore! In his previous life, that’s exactly what this gentle giant did, therefore the shelter suggests a home with safe indoor/outdoor access. Ford, 10, would prefer to be king of his castle, so no homes with other pets, please. “I can’t get enough of this mystery man,” says one volunteer at Cat Town of Oakland, California. “Let’s find him his indoor/outdoor paradise.”



To call her a good mom is definitely an understatement. This adorable tuxedo kitty had two kittens recently but took in five more orphans like it was NBD — that’s next level mothering. As you can see from the video above, she’s cared for each one of the cuties from The Humane Society of North Texas like they’re her own. A forever home would be the perfect reward for all her hard work. 



Visit this guy at the Connecticut Humane Society and you might unwittingly bring him home — you see, the kitty has a knack for climbing into bags and it’s a trick that’s earned him some major fans at the shelter. He may be 11 years old but as far as he’s concerned that ain’t nothing but a number, he still loves to play. He also has a chill side that transforms hims into a handy paperweight for any desk. Moses has diabetes and needed help recently regulating it, but now he’s stable and good to go to his forever home.



Look up “lapcat” in the dictionary and there you will find a picture of Morris. This 1-year-old has become a volunteer favorite at PAWS Chicago for very good reasons: he has displayed a keen ability to cuddle and sit in a lap and purr for hours (hey, not every cat can do that!) He also has a playful side and would love an owner who can continue to bring that out. The handsome boy has an ongoing medical condition that requires daily meds, but, as expected, he’s cool with that, too.  



Big feet (large polydactyl ones to be exact!) and a ginormous heart are what set this boy apart from the rest. The 4-year-old can be shy at first around new people or environments, but once he trusts you, he’s a “true gem,” according to a bio written by Bideawee, the New York shelter where he is available for adoption. “We’re sure in the right household, he’ll be a love-bug. Big Foot gets along incredibly well with other cats and has made quite a few friends here.”



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