Best of 2017: Cats of Instagram!

As 2017 quickly comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on some awesome moments from the past year….specifically the most cat-tastic moments! Here’s a round up of our favorite and “cattiest” moments from 2017.


This cat that proves cats can do anything that dogs can, even swim!


This cat gives a new meaning to good posture….

This cat shows us how practicing your summersaults can get you in a tricky situation.

We saw cats fly this year! 2017 is the weirdest year yet!

This cat shows us it’s okay (and too cute) to be afraid…of blankets.

This cat who’s trust fall with her bean bag is nothing short of awe inspiring.

This cat reminds us the importance of being flexible!

This duo makes us realize how important it is to love our neighbor, no matter the differences!

And this cat shows us that it’s okay to cat nap in weird places…

Happy New Year, everyone! May your 2018 be cat-tatstic!

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Cats of Instagram

COI launched in the summer of 2011. Eli was an undergraduate business major at the time, and COI was simply an experiment and side project for him. He wanted to combine some of his favorite things; furry stuff, technology and culture. Around the same time, Kady had recently graduated with a degree in graphic design and had created an Instagram for her cat, Pudge, to pass the time between jobs. After Pudge had been featured on COI a few times and she had risen to internet stardom, Kady joined Eli to help run COI in 2013. They have been the fluffiest team ever since!

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