Best Brushes For Your Pet

Having a pet is great, but the shedding that comes with it? Not so great. One of the best ways to help cut down the amount of hair around your home is to brush your pet regularly. There are a bunch of different brushes with their own unique specialties that can help. Here’s a look at a few:

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For animals with long hair and fluffy coats, the FURminator is king. This brush has a long, metal comb that allows it to get down to the undercoat of your pet’s fur. It’s great for removing large amounts of loose hair from your furry friend.

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For shorter-haired dogs, the more rubbery bristles of the KONG ZoomGroom are better. This brush can be used on wet or dry fur. It removes hair while also giving a gentle massage that activates your pet’s natural oil production, which is essential for healthy skin.

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The Safari Pin and Bristle brush does double the duty. One side combs your pet’s fur to get rid of excess hair. The other side helps distribute those natural oils to keep their coat looking shiny and new.

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The worst part about brushing your pet is the cleanup. But the Alpha Dog Slicker Brush makes it easy. Just push a button, and all the hair in the brush comes right out. Plus, it’s plastic bristles are strong enough to remove tangles, but gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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Sometimes the best brush isn’t really a brush at all. This pet hair remover glove is similar to the ZoomGroom. It can be used wet or dry and features rubbery bristles. But it’s unique glove design makes it feel like your pet is just enjoying a nice back rub instead of getting groomed.

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