Lily Bug LPB

Marisa Grimshaw is a fashion publicist and the former Co-Executive Director of Mr. Bones & Co., an NYC-based 501c3 animal welfare nonprofit. Founded in February 2013, Mr. Bones & Co. welcomed the 2nd dog into their #OneLuckyPup rescue, rehabilitation and adoption program in September 2013, known as LilyBug. LilyBug aka Bug, was a 3-4 month old Pit Bull who someone abandoned in a park in New Britain, CT before being picked up by the local Animal Control Offer and brought to the pound. Mr. Bones & Co. was contacted by shelter volunteers shortly after and happily accepted Bug into their program. Marisa set out to just foster Bug... but we know how that ends! LilyBug quickly became known by her neighbors and fellow dog lovers as the Hugging Pit Bull because she greeted everyone with a full body hug (and kisses), and she continues to do so while giving hugs, spreading love and positive Pit Bull awareness through #AHugFromBug. Some of her most well-known and well loved Instagram antics include #AHugFromBug, #MorningsWithLilyBug, #PibblesWhoNibble and #HallwayDerping! You can follow LilyBug on Instagram at @lilybug_lpb

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