Auggie the Frenchie & the Organix 90 Day Food Switch


Credit: Instagram | @auggieandteddy

Presented by Castor & Pollux

Hi Furiends!

Auggie here again! It’s been such a great experience partnering with Castor and Pollux! I’m ending my 90 day food switch, and I am confident it’s helped me live a healthier lifestyle! My Organix food has made my coat shinier, given me more energy, reduced my itching, and tastes super delicious! I am a picky eater so finding a food that I actually like is HUGE for us! My mama and I are also so happy to know that the food I am eating every day is made with 95% or more certified organic ingredients. Thank you, Organix and Castor and Pollux for making me a happier and healthier pup! Can’t wait to keep chowing down on this food. 🙂

Love, Auggie


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