Ask Dr. Alice: How Bad Is Sugar?


We think of our pets as family so when they get sick we panic and have a million questions. Well, no fear, Dr. Alice Weiss is here! Dr. Weiss has been working for 30 years as a licensed veterinarian and is here to answer any questions you may have about your best furry friends.


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Dear Dr. Alice, My sister gives her dog tons of candy and cookies. I don’t think this is right. Should I say something? Sincerely, Sweetie


Dear Sweetie,
You are right, but I would let it go. Part of having a pet is being able to indulge and share special things. If her dog has a solid gastrointestinal track and is not pooping everywhere post sugar or is not charging around the house post sugar high, then I would just leave it alone. An occasional sugar treat is fine for everyone–in my sweet-tooth opinion.


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Dr. Alice has spent her life embracing and advocating the animal human bond through her work as a traditional and a public health veterinarian, a writer, and vlogger on dogsenjoylife. Some people love expensive vacations and shopping but all Dr. Alice needs is time with her pets.

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