Ask Alice: Can Dogs Have Ear Aches?


We think of our pets as family so when they get sick we panic and have a million questions. Well, no fear, Dr. Alice Weiss is here! Dr. Weiss has been working for 30 years as a licensed veterinarian and is here to answer any questions you may have about your best furry friends.

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Dear Dr. Alice,
My dog is rubbing her head on the rug and her bed and really everything. I tried to look in her ear and couldn’t see anything. What is going on? Sincerely, Ears


Dear Ears,
Unfortunately ear issues are very prevalent with all animals. Sometimes, they are easy to cure but often they (ear infections) don’t ever go away but are just constantly being treated to keep the infections under control. There are many different ear medications on the market and they are constantly improving. But, get your pooch into your vet for an ear exam. And give her some ear rubs for comfort.


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Dr. Alice has spent her life embracing and advocating the animal human bond through her work as a traditional and a public health veterinarian, a writer, and vlogger on dogsenjoylife. Some people love expensive vacations and shopping but all Dr. Alice needs is time with her pets.

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