Are Ice Cubes Safe For Pup?

Ice cubes can be a cheap, easy way to reward your pup and keep them cool in the summer months. But some say this tasty treat can be really dangerous for your darling doggo. They’ve been rumored to cause bloating and broken teeth. So what’s the real deal here? Are ice cubes actually safe for pup?

This all started with an online article warning dog owners that ice could potentially be fatal for their fidos because it causes bloating and stomach spasm’s. But since being posted, it has been debunked as mostly an urban legend.

“This is not true,” said Dr. Wismer, medical director at the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center. “Dogs do not bloat from drinking ice water on hot days… They can be given as treats or put in the water bowl. Some behaviorists even recommend freezing toys or treats in ice for dogs to chew on.”

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When it comes to broken teeth, the typical diet adage holds true: everything in moderation. As long as you’re giving your pup no more than a few cubes at a time, their teeth should be fine. However, if your pup has pre-existing dental issues, ice might not be the best idea.

Besides quantity, the quality of the ice should also be monitored. Make sure the size of the cube isn’t too big for your dog’s mouth, or they may choke. Also make sure there are no sharp corners or edges that could cut their mouth.

So the short answer to the question is this: yes, ice cubes are safe. But as with anything other food or toy, some safety precautions do apply. Whenever you give your pup a new treat, keep a close eye on how they react. If they’re slurping and crunching away, then you’ve found a great, refreshing reward for your furry friend.

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