Aquatic Corgi Adventures

Harlan the Corgi is an adorable little loaf. There’s no doubt about it. In addition to being a precious pup, he also happens to be unbelievably talented. Harlan is basically the Michael Phelps of corgis. Take a look at his aquatic adventures:

From the very beginning, it was clear that Harlan was born to be in the water. As a first-time swimmer, he already looks like a pro.

Am I a dog or a seal?

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Just look at his little legs go! They may be short, but definitely not short on talent.

Further evidence that I am actually a seal!

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Check out that corgi cannonball. Harlan couldn’t be more excited to jump in and show off his major swimming skills.

Is that a surfer doge I see? Harlan doesn’t just swim through the waves, he rides them to shore. Give this pup a surfboard already.

The corgis are off to the races! 🐶 @tofu_corgi @nuggetthewelshcorgi @ladymochacorgi @pavlovthecorgi @corgiwally

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No life jacket, no problem. Harlan’s floating rump keeps him safe and swimmy with his other aquatic corgi pals.

Come on guys! How come nopawdy else is in the water? 😊

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Even when the rest of the pups are chilling on the beach, Harlan can’t resist the draw of the water. He flaunts his lil flippers for all to see.

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