An Island Fit for a Cat Lover

The internet is filled with cat videos. Too many cat videos, if you ask some people. But here at PetInsider, we celebrate each and every one of them. And there’s one that we found that probably didn’t get the attention it deserved.

This video was made by representatives from Ainoshima, a very small island in Japan. While the island itself is tiny, it’s known worldwide for its cat population. There are so many cats living on this tiny piece of land that it’s more commonly known as Cat Island.

Some people from Cat Island decided to get together and make a video for one very special cat lover: Ed Sheeran. They wanted to let him know that Cat Island exists, and hopefully encourage him to visit. This is the video they created:

It’s beautiful. It’s sincere. And we really hope it works. This video was only published a month ago, so it seems as if there’s been no response from Sheeran…so far. With only a little over 100k views, it’s likely that he probably isn’t even aware of it yet. But hopefully, this video will make the rounds on the internet like so many other cat videos have before.

Here’s to hoping that people fall in love with this video and bring it to the attention of Sheeran. And with a little more luck, maybe he will even decide to visit the island for himself.

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