All the Best Places to Spring Break with Your Dog

The struggle to figure out your Spring Break travel is real — especially if you’d like to spend it with someone furry by your side.

No one knows the details of dog-friendly travel better than The Dog Agency’s globetrotting pet influencers, so we asked them to share with us their favorite destinations, and they definitely delivered (does your doggy fancy some broth-infused water? There’s a hotel for that).

Whether you crave a country farmhouse vibe or a blissful beachside retreat, these cuties have got you covered. So sit back, take notes and get ready to read all about the hot spots where both you and your pet can get some serious R&R.



The celebrity Dachshund’s first tropical getaway was to the Bahamas, so it’s at the top of the dog’s list. “He loved chasing his ball down the long sandy beaches, often void of people, and digging/burying his ball in the sand,” his owner Ryan tells us. “Except later we realized he had ingested a bit too much sand when he pooped out a sandcastle.” That’s clearly the caveat of a sand-in-between-your-toes kind of lifestyle.

St. Lucia may not be the easiest place to bring a dog on vacay, but for Crusoe, it was an awesome experience because of the people, food and scenery. “It was truly a new and exciting environment for him to explore. Crusoe gets so excited every time we enter a new hotel room — he rushes in to go check out every room (and claim the biggest bedroom),” Ryan says.

In Sicily, Italy, dog-friendly home rentals kept the canine comfortable, in what his owner describes as the hottest place climate-wise that they’ve traveled to. “Island in the sun, they’re not kidding,” his owner says. “Crusoe visited famous film locations from The Godfather (er, Dogfather), and even sampled the delectable Sicilian dessert, the Cannoli.”


Brussels Sprout

The smooth-coated Brussels Griffon, who suits the hustle and bustle of N.Y.C., seeks solace at Audrey’s Farmhouse in Walkill, New York, where they take the term “dog-friendly” to the next level, according to his owner Sigrid. Dogs are free to roam inside and outside this 5-bedroom, chicly decorated farmhouse — circa 1740 — and the backyard field is perfect for a game of sunrise fetch. “Enjoy a day hike in nearby Minnewaska state park, and then cuddle up fireside with a good book, or bone, for the evening.”

Visiting dogs of 20 lbs. or less (per island regulations) should definitely check out Aruba, “a paradise for small dogs,” with fantastic weather and beaches, Sprout’s owner says. The pup loves the Ritz-Carlton’s dog-friendly property, where you can enjoy a beachfront cocktail and your pup can sip on chilled, broth-infused water. Traveling without your dog? Sigrid suggests volunteering for the local adoption organization Sgt. Pepper’s Friends and helping an adoptable dog get to a new family in the United States.


Muppet, Pants & Cheese

Toast, the supermodel dog’s adorable siblings give four paws up to these three hotels. First, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida, which has a “super pet-friendly” property and details to bark over, like, customized dog treats for the pups upon their arrival.

This trio loves that the Rome Cavalieri Hotel in Italy caters to canine taste buds. They have a menu just for dogs with “the most luxurious dog food you could imagine,” says their owner Kate.

The 5-star Beverly Hills Hotel in California has a $35 pet program that includes a doggie bed, and bowls and bone-shaped doggie cookies emblazoned with your pet’s name. One detail the dogs love? Custom palm leaf dog bandanas, that allow “your pup [to] blend into their surroundings seamlessly.”



The well-traveled pup savors time spent at Santa Barbara’s Belmond El EnCanto, a 5-star luxury resort “tucked away high up in the lush mountains, overlooking the Pacific ocean,” says his owner Courtney. “It’s a quick and accessible drive to a variety of exquisite restaurants and boutique wineries, as well as the beautiful California coast. There is also an off-leash dog-friendly beach called Arroyo Burro (a.k.a Hendry’s Beach) a few miles down the road, which Tuna loved!”

The stunning, pet-friendly beachfront property at Miami’s 1 Hotel in South Beach sounds, in a word, perfect. “The eco-friendly hotel boasts of four gorgeous pools, four incredible dining experiences, including acclaimed chef Tom Colicchio’s elegant beachside grill, Beachcraft, and a brand new fully equipped gym and spa, Spartan Gym and Bamford Haybarn Spa,” Courtney adds.


Rocco Roni

When he’s not perfecting the art of sitting in chairs, the Old English sheepdog can be found running around dog parks — sometimes with that signature man bun! — and two of his favorites are in Austin, Texas. “Zilker Park and Red Bud Isle are my favorite off-leash dog parks in Austin,” says Erin, the dog’s owner. “Zilker Park spans 350 acres and has an amazing view of the city! Red Bud Isle is a small peninsula with access to the water if your pup loves to swim!”

When the fluffy pooch is in Chicago, Illinois, he escapes city life at Montrose Dog Beach, where food is never too far from his mind. “Keep a look out for 6 Mutts Doggie Food Truck,” Erin says. “They make dog treats and meals for your pup that are made from organic, human grade, quality ingredients.”

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