Adorable And Adventurous

Popular pups Gus and Alfie from @ifitwags are just as adorable as they are adventurous. These curious canines are always heading out to explore with their pawrents, and they’ve got the pics to prove it. Take a look at some of their best:

A narrow, snow-covered log is no match for these two. No matter the weather, they’re always down for adventure.

There’s nothing quite like a good romp by the water. They may be dogs, but you can usually find them horsing around.

Take a look at these rock-climbing rascals. Alfie takes a higher vantage point, while Gus looks like he’s pretty happy down below.

Alfie found himself a new friend on this adventure while Gus just soaks up all that glorious sunshine.

These masters of stealth know how to sneak through the woods and run around like the crazy pups that they are.

I mean come on….have you ever seen a more majestic pooch? Gus is really in his element here, enjoying everything about the outdoors.

Alfie’s approach to enjoying the outdoors looks a little goofier, but it’s clear he’s as happy as can be.

Every time these pups get back home, I bet they just wonder: “Where are we going to explore next?”

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